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There are so many apps built to let you create funny and amusing images online. One of these is MomentCam. Although this app was made primarily for Android and iPhone users, it can also be used on a PC via Blustack emulator. The app has caught on really fast since it is easy to use and because it allows users to create caricatures of themselves that they can pass on to others or even use as social networking profile pictures. If you are an Android or iPhone user, you probably already have this app on your phone. However, you can also use the MomentCam for PC. Here’s how.

“MomentCam for PC” Step by Step

Step 1: To download MomentCam for PC, you need to install and run the Bluestacks Offline Installer in your PC.

Step 2: Once it is installed, go to “My Apps” and search for “MomentCam”.

Step 3: Download momentcam free and install the app.

Step 4: Done!

See how simple it is? Now you can enjoy MomentCam on your PC just like you would in your Android phone or iPhone. The PC features are the same as the mobile versions but in some cases you get to take advantage of better detail in the caricatures if your PC camera has a higher resolution than you mobile camera. The app is also full of features that allow you to put creative twist to each caricature. From fake beards to famous Hollywood poses, you can simply snap a photo and paste in a MomentCam scene for a truly amusing photo. Even PC users can also join in on the fun since developers now made it accessible even for those who do not use Android phones or iPhones.

download free momentcam for pc

MomentCam Pros and Cons

One of the best things about MomentCam for PC  is that it is free. This is the reason why it is so popular and why you can see people’s social networking pages filling up with caricatures of themselves in various poses. MomentCam is one of the best apps for making realistic caricatures because it captures a lot of detail and delivers a striking resemblance to the person taking the picture. The app is also easy to install, very light so it won’t slow down your phone, and comes with a variety of features for creating truly personalized caricatures. The app connects directly with popular social networking sites like Facebook so sharing is a breeze.

There is really no disadvantage to using this app, apart from the possibility that you may get so addicted to the app that you start flooding your social networking accounts with your caricatures which can be really irritating to your friends. Aside from that, MomentCam is a free, fun social app that let’s you stretch your creativity with your own photos and a few choice features from add-ons to various situations that lets you create instant stories for yourself or your friends. For a free mobile app, MomentCam is certainly one of the best apps out there that should be in your PC or your phone.

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