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Hay Day is a great iOS game that recently was made available for Android phone users. Hay Day is a great game because it has stellar graphics and is just fun to play. It is a little bit like Farmville with better graphics. Installing Hay Day for PC is also very easy to do and can be done on any PC in a matter of minutes.

“Hay Day for PC” Step by Step

You can download and install Hay Day for PC so you can play the game just as you would in an Android or an iPhone. A Bluestacks emulator is needed in order to successfully download the game to the PC so you need to download the emulator first. To get things started, here are the steps:

Step 1: Download Bluestacks App Player which you can get from the official website.

Step 2: Once you have it on your PC, open and Install.

Step 3: On the emulator, go to “My Apps” which you can find on the navigation bar.

Step 4: On the search bar, type “Hay Day” to find the game.

Step 5: You will see Hay Day from a list of apps. Double click to install.

Step 6: Done!

This is a very easy way to have Hay Day installed on your PC. You can also sync your accounts so that you can play on one account whether you are playing using a mobile device or the PC.

Hay Day, Pros and Cons

Hay Day may seem like just another farming game, with cows and harvesting but it is so much more than that. Better graphics give players a better experience although it still caters to players who like to plant crops, do some watering and mulching and see their plants grow. Hay Day requires players to be active in taking care of their crops which is important since crops and animals can easily die.

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Playing Hay Day is easy with the many tutorials that are on the game itself. You get to learn how to plant crops and water the plants and how to advance to higher levels. To get to higher levels you need to grow and sell crops and animals. You can buy plants and other farm needs from other players and diamond packages using real money, which is helpful in speeding up your way through the levels. You can spin the wheel of fortune to get free items so that you avoid having to spend too much money, real or otherwise. If you spin the wheel for 7 days in a row, you will get a reward.

Hay Day is a great game and there is really nothing to complain about. To some Farmville fans it may look and feel a lot like the game but the colors and the graphics are better. The game also allows users to use real money to get to higher levels which really motivates you into putting serious work into your farm.

Hay Day User Review

The best thing about Hay Day game is that the graphics are really nice. I love how smooth the movements are and how vibrant the colors look. It seems like the developers really took some time to develop graphics that will appeal to the younger crowd although I also have no problem appreciating how cute the game characters are even though I’m a little bit older. I love how the game is easy to learn. Small kids can get the hang of the game in a matter of minutes. However, the game is also designed to test your resourcefulness. For example, you need to be wary of foxes so you need to know how to keep your animals and crops safe from them. There are also cheat fixes and things you can do to avoid wasting your resources which is a really great way to practice these skills in a virtual world.

Apart from the game itself, I love how easy it is to download and install Hay Day on a PC. I did this in one try after downloading the emulator without any glitches and I love how I got to play the game in a matter of minutes. Since this is one of my favorite games, I can easily play it during my work breaks without having to whip out my phone.

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