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If you are outdoorsy type and you like to hunt wild game from your mobile you are probably familiar with Deer Hunter. This is one of the more popular hunting games for Android phones and tablets and is available through Google Play. This is the fifth version released by Glu and by far contains the best improvements in gaming features.

How to Install Deer Hunter 2014 for PC

Since the game is for mobile devices it is not officially available for Windows or PC. You need to use Bluestacks App Player to play the game from your PC.

Here are the steps to do just that.

Step 1: Download and install Bluestacks.

Step 2: Open Bluestacks, search for Deer Hunter 2014 in the app’s search tool.

Step 3: You will see Deer Hunter as one of the options. Click to download and install.Step 4: Go to the MyApps section of Bluestacks or go to your desktop and search for the game icon there.


You can now start enjoying this game from your computer where you can enjoy the improved graphics and sound on a bigger screen.

Deer Hunter 2014, Pros and Cons

Deer Hunter 2014 is the fifth installment of the Deer Hunter Series by Glu Mobile. This is by far the most realistic version of the game with more controls over the elements such as the number and size of deer herds and even the genetics of your deer. Players also enjoy better interaction even when playing single player games since the game has bot hunters programmed to interact with real players for a great game, even if you are playing alone. The game also has a number of additions such as new animals like elk and grizzly bears for a more challenging hunt. To make the game ten times more adventurous, there are animals that can even give chase which is an exciting new challenge you will not see in older versions.

deer hunter 2014 for pc omputer

This new installment also comes with an improved 3D engine that creates a more detailed hunting environment, from reflective water and even fog coming out from the mouths of animals if you are hunting in the winter. You will feel like you are really in a forest as you stand surrounded by a thick cover of towering trees. The game also hasa few more improvements such as the ability to view organs using infrared power-up.


Deer Hunter 2014 is a great game for those who want a bit of adventure as a way to kill time. Excellent graphics and great sounds make this game one of the best games for Android and iPhone users. Improvements in interactivity is another reason to add another star for this game, not to mention the increased options for environments and virtual game. The control system is accurate and reliable and you can easily zoom in and out by sliding a bar inside the scope. The Fire button is also readily accessible and you can get a slow motion view of the bullet when you press the trigger.


The only problem with the game is that it tends to crash when played for too long or when the hardware of the mobile device is limited. Playing this game from a PC eliminates all these problems and you can enjoy seamless, fluid movements without any crashing. Using the infrared also drains power quickly and recharging times can be a hassle, but this is a pretty small problem that usually does not bother players.

Deer Hunter User Review

The first thing I noticed about Deer Hunter 2014 is the graphics. Sleek and very realistic, I never thought I would get this kind of detail in a deer hunting game. But it’s here and I love it. I also love the improved features. I get to visit more places and see more animals in this game and the graphics are even better to look at when played from a PC. I also have unlimited access to bullets and games and there’s the chance to win trophies and holidays.

This is by far the closest thing you will have to a real deer hunting experience. A spectacular hunting environment, full interaction with all the elements of the game as well as new additions for more challenges make Deer Hunter 2014 a great addition to your PC game collection.

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